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Nourish and Delight
Nutrition and Personal Chef Services for your Health
Lisa Bouley has her master’s degree in human nutrition and is skilled at developing meals that
are both tasty and meet the recommended daily intakes of our required nutrients, as well as
observing which nutrients may be lacking in a particular diet.

Some of Lisa's particular areas of interest and expertise involve plant based diets, veganism
(diet plans free of all animal products), developing eating plans that are more ideal for those
dealing with allergies and chronic health concerns including, but  not limited to  high blood
pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, yeast overgrowth (candida),  
inflammatory conditions, and auto-immune diseases.

Lisa is knowledgeable regarding the varying nutritional needs throughout the life span,
including eating for pregnancy, nursing mothers,  children, and older adults, as well as the
needs of the average adult.

Bob Bouley comes with years of cooking experience and has focused on natural, organic,
plant based cuisine for the last
15 years.  He is skilled at creating many classic dishes with
more healthful ingredients.

The restaurants in which Bob delighted taste buds in the most recent past include two
Boston area vegan cafes
(The Pulse Café and Vej Naturals) and The Evergreen Café,
formerly in Montpelier, Vermont.